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Move over Past!

Greetings my friend,

I am just so appreciative you have stopped by as I know there will be a gold nugget that will shine bright for you!

Is the past taking up all the lanes as your going through life and you feel like its holding you back? Oh we have lots of excuses why that is and we are really good at justify it.

So good you ask someone about their past they take right off, you ask them about their future and they get star struck, the words just do not come easily.

Why is that so easy for us to recall? Because we have already been there, it is the known! You can sometimes forecast how a conversation or situation is going to go can't you? You feel its similarity to something that has already happened, it just has a different date, time and possibly names of people.

Key here to remember is: Any event, experience that has an emotion attached to it will start to become embedded within you. The greater the emotion you felt ( positive or negative) a switch will turn on and your heart and stomach say here it comes.

So if your life has gotten into a routine and your not happy with the way its going, think on the following.

First is the decision to recognize that is going on. Be your own "referee" blow the whistle on the past or the what is and shift your thoughts and words to one of freshness like walking into your favorite bakery!

Sure your saying just like that huh. No, at first it won't be because your familiar mental muscles will be stronger than your creating mental muscles. Remember same ole has been the tunes of the day. Decide first you want it different and start to shift your current into creating.

Action steps: Window shop on google. Places you would like to go, things you would like to do, things you would like to have, help you need on something, google loves to assist you.

Doing this you will experience brief moments of peace and just possibly desire of adventure. With this comes opening up of lanes to freedom and looking forward. Do this enough and you will find your creating mental muscles stronger than your same ole mental muscles.

Go ahead be strong going forward and click away to google window shop.

Well, I have talked myself into that and I am going to google shop right now!


Much Love always,


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