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Meet your Self-Awareness Coach

Cindy was raised in a performance-driven family and became an entrepreneur at a young age. Despite her efforts, she eventually found herself producing less than positive results in her life. Her search for a meaningful purpose drew her down a path that turned herself and her entire world around for the better.

Today, Cindy is a teacher, author, and life coach and joins Dennis in their equine programs.  The strong suit of Cindy’s personal coaching is her ability to empower people to believe in themselves. She listens intently and poses creative questions to guide individuals in self-reflection that will result in a clearer understanding of themselves and renewed enthusiasm about their potential and ability to thrive in life. She delightfully draws her clients to a place of hope, love, and acceptance of self as she lays the blueprint for creating a new way of life. Rest assured you will leave better than you came after meeting her. 
Cindy also is active in holistic care through the use of essential oils, herbs, and other therapies.
​This has been her love for 30+ years. 

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