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Welcome to my world of caring for the body in natural ways!

My Story...

Growing up in a family dealing with illnesses for 20 years of my early life, I made a pack with myself to be different somehow. You see I had watched my immediate family go through three kidney transplants, triple bypass, cancer, liver disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, total rehabilitation, chronic migraines, hearing and sight loss, and high blood pressure.


I myself, had no illness, just the helpless feeling that I could not fix it, so I did my best to support and love them through it. The doctors advised and warned me with a family history like this I could very well be next but thankfully I never would accept those labels. I thought I do not want to suffer like that, and I do not believe God made us to. I just knew there had to be a way to good health. Then having my own children, I vowed if I could help it, they would not travel that road either.


So, I needed answers to “How” the body functions and “Why” my family’s bodies always seem to respond in a resistant car pile-up of side effects from prescribed medications resulting in all their passing. Curious and eager my journey led me to my first herb store in 1985, Sandy’s Herb Shop in Butler, MO, where she introduced me to herbs and oils. I was in heaven with the newfound enlightenment that I thought everyone would want to know, not realizing that in those days they would consider me weird. Thank you, media, for catching up and giving acceptance to the alternative way, now I am normal again, LOL. Sandy, mother earth I called her then guided me to places, people, and holistic doctors to study and learn from.


What I discovered very quickly was that they all had a common theme.

The body works as a whole! They understood what affected what and kept that in mind with their applications and the body responded with positive results.

Another remarkably interesting discovery for me was that I began to understand that every symptom/illness has a root cause which is an emotion. The book “Feeling Buried Never Die” by Karol Truman has been spot-on every time.


The gold nugget that is my favorite is - the body is the instrument of the mind! Your body is to perform out what your mind is thinking. It also receives a message from your thoughts that translates internally as feelings/emotions. Most people live allowing their body to be in control of their mind. Significant difference here!


Understanding these valuable principles, I have personally put them into practice and experienced recovery from injuries by using the power of my mind to assist my healing, as opposed to letting the body tell me how I was doing. Note: I was aware of my bodily condition but did not allow those feelings, pain, and emotions to rule over my mind. This is very empowering when you know you are fully capable of being responsible for your well-being!


I could talk on this all day on this subject, but I will stop now and if you are interested in learning more about controlling your mentality, and the value of quiet and nature time, click the button below for your free health/life consultation.


Relax into your well-being,


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Words about Cindy's coaching:

"Total awareness of what I have to offer in life, personal power and peace! " - W.H

"She has helped me see the self-worth that I hadn't been able to connect with." - D.F.

"I love that Cindy always encourages me to look forward, not back." - S.S.

"Encourager, uplifter to see the best in me, no matter circumstances or what others think." -  C.S.

"​I am so relieved, happy, and grateful, to have finally come to a place where I know and can express what I want in my life and a clear plan for changes I need to make!
​It is through spending quiet time, reflecting on important questions asked of me, and digging down where it wasn't comfortable, to find the true answers and in fact relief. My ability to go down this journey was only possible due to my comfort level with Cindy. It allowed me to face and address my feelings and examine the root causes of my discomfort and find peace and clarity. I could share things I had never been able to open up to anyone else about. I'd held in and suffered from the torment of not dealing with feelings and wounds of the past. Now I am refreshed and have a vision and understanding of what I want and I am making a clear plan to move forward in a place of peace. I am very grateful to Cindy and her process and insight, and compassion."

"I have been BLESSED to be guided by Cindy Cappel...she has helped me see the self-worth that I hadn't been able to connect with.  Cindy has guided my thoughts as a train conductor would guide the engineer.. aligning the train cars so that positivity and love were brought back on track.  She has helped me see that there is no future in the past.. so the best place for me to be is seeking out joy, happiness, and all things that are satisfying to my inner being.  God is always with me...loving and protecting me...Cindy is only a phone call away.. I so look forward to calls each and every time we connect." D.F.

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