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Climb Your Appreciation Ladder

Hello my special friend,

I am in great appreciation that you have chosen to pause your busy life and read this because I believe you might just be able to relate to what I am going to share.

Have you ever felt like you just couldn't shake the dust off and go on with a better attitude? That the dust just kept coming back reminding you just how miserable and unpleasant you and maybe life is? Well, I have and did and I want to share what I did and maybe along your delightful path of life you might find this helpful in some way or another.

I found myself with that dust and I got more dust and more and I thought I really don't like this and the feeling it gives me. I know that I am the only one responsible for my thoughts, feelings and actions regardless (key word there my friend) what someone or something has happened to or around me. We are the ones that have the choice on how to respond but sometimes it almost seems easier to get caught up in it then to find a way out, sounds crazy but we have a tendency to do that unless we have had enough of ourselves LOL you might say and take action.

So, I was thinking I don't like this and I feel like I am standing at the bottom of a ladder and upward in feeling better is where I want to go so I decided to call it my Appreciation Ladder. In order for me to go up I have to take a step, not wait on anything or anyone to do something so I feel like stepping up, I have to decide for myself that I have the power, wisdom and strength to go up so I did.

What happened was what happened when I have done this in the past but sometimes we need a little contrast to give up more clarity. What I did was I started speaking out loud with a mental image of a ladder and with each step I said something I was appreciative for and sometimes it would be someone and what really puts meaning to this is adding in the Why I am appreciative.

Within minutes I was feeling better, eager to get into my day with a good attitude that has produced a really good day.

Climb your appreciation ladder every morning and see the view you will have for the day when you go to rest at night.

In loving appreciation for you,


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