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Health-Life Coaching


Health-Life Coaching
FREE 20 minutes introduction

Allow Cindy to guide you to a happier, healthier, fun, and loving you.

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21-DAY Mindful Mentoring
for $30

Be guided and inspired along your mindful path with Cindy.  She will encourage you as you create new mental habits.

Includes 3 phone calls and 18 emails/text

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Cindy's Session Wellness

Contact Cindy for your personalized 

plan and pricing.  

Make an Appointment and Start Your Journey Today! 

Books & Journals


My Brilliant Attitude Journal

Journaling will help you to clarify your thoughts and give purpose to your awareness. 


Expand Your Prosperity
A Shift in Mindset

Money, money, who's got the money?

For some, prosperity seems to be their name, while others appear to struggle as they stretch to see how far it can go. Either way, what is the common denominator in both views? It is their "belief" about money.

If you're interested in improving your 

abundance attitude, this creative mental game process is for you. Shift your mindset about money and watch what happens! 


Be Kind To You - Moments

You always do things for others, until the time comes when you ask yourself: _Where are my appreciation and love? - right?
We all have been there. 
This book will guide you into a new understanding of where your true love and appreciation come from.


The Journey of Mustang Brilliant Attitude

This book will take you, the reader, through an inspired and thoughtful journey of transformation.  Along the way, expect to see reflections of your own life and feel the awakening of a new self-awareness. It is a gentle journey of growth and inspiration. Enjoy the numerous colored pictures that capture the journey.



Cindy's personal story of how she helped her blended family at Christmas
come together leaving the guilt behind and creating new traditions that have
become everyone's favorite each year. How to make Christmas joyful!


Thankfulness Journal

Get your positive on...
30 days of making a thankful list and then your to-do life.


Picture Your Farm
Coloring Book

Start your children early in the learning the value of using a clear mental picture to their future. Hand-drawn Illustration pictures and activities will make this a great gift for all children.


Eagle's View Horsemanship

This book explains in detail to bring understanding so you can apply the same techniques to ensure you reach your highest potential with your horseback riding.


Writing is Thinking
Horse Journal

Journaling your story will remove mental blocks, allowing you to use all of your brainpower to better understand and communicate with yourself and your horse.


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