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Happiness and Hope

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Need a spoonful of Happiness and Hope! Mary Poppins was fun, energetic, playful and she had a way to get done what wasn't wanted.

Learn to be a magical converter to more of what we do want instead of what we don't want.

First realize your thoughts are energy that turn to matter. We are able to accomplish that with the power of our powerful minds. In nature the seed and caterpillar don't think but convert. We get to convert consciously, Interesting isn't it!

Think on this example; Have you ever thought - My clothes are not fitting, I have gained too much weight. Usually your next response is frustration going through your closet, talking to yourself about how you ate to much and so on. Then on the way through the house, a sweet donut, cookie might call your name. Your thoughts are playing it out.

Think about being a mental converter!

Catch yourself and convert that thought to the positive you want - When this weight sheds, my clothes will fit comfortably. I am feeling better about myself. Here you have given yourself permission to be where your are at but knowing you have the power to change. You now find yourself hopeful, making decisions to drink more water, even taking a brief walk, as the thoughts play out. Then you will eventually be saying I am fit, healthy and moving more freely.

Convert anything, relationships, health, money etc.

Change your thoughts from what is going wrong to what you want. Your life will show up in big ways for you!

Much Love always, Cindy

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