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The Powerful Thought

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Does the power of thoughts have you scratch your head with the talk of them creating your life- wait a moment, isn't it money, career, working endlessly, you know no pain no gain attitude, your family history and all the things we want to attach to what contributed to success and seemingly good fortune.?

The single power of the thought(s) intrigues me so I love to study it. If it does for you, you might find some of my findings interesting and worth pondering ( yes through your thoughts).

# It's been said we have 70,000ish thoughts a day

You hear people say my mind never stops, probably so!

# A thought's only role is to become its equivalent (mass)

# A thought itself does not think or judge its content

# A thought whether good or bad creates its content

# Thoughts are identified by modern images as waves of electrical energy flowing in the brain ( watch a scan)

# Look at your life and see your thoughts

# Thoughts create feelings that produces action ( your results) -

Thoughts - Feelings - Action

Note: Thoughts are first!

WOW, when you truly absorb this and we can go into much more detail on each subject but for now realize your thoughts are powerful and this is the importance of paying attention to, be aware, shift, manage, control, however you want to say it, to your thoughts.

Be super mindful of your Thoughts! They have and will create what you are seeing as your reality!

Much Love to you always,


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