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Cindy's Health Hut
Imbalance to Balance

Detox - Reset - Replenish 


Cindy's passion is to share her knowledge and assist you back to balance.

Listed below are her favorite devices to assist you. 

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This is for wellness purposes, not meant to diagnose.




This one-of-a-kind 2-way energy corrector is the wave of the future for wellness. Our bodies are energy, and electrical. This is why we respond to devices such as EKG etc. When proper energy flow is restricted we feel the discomfort of many sorts. Unblock that restriction and energy flow freely carrying blood, oxygen, and nutrients to cells, tissues, and organs of the body to rebalance and recover. 

Sessions offered: facials, focus recharge, flexible, relaxation, inflammation and pain.


Photon Sound Beam

This device will get your lymphatic system moving to encourage oxygenation, releasing pain and discomfort to encourage well-being and tightening of the skin for a more youthful appearance.  A session is approx. 45 minutes with Cindy. 


Chi Machine - Circulation 

It was invented in the 1980s by Dr. Shizou Inoue who got the idea by watching goldfish swimming. He reckoned that the way they moved was the optimum way to funnel oxygen around the body and decided that anything fish could do, we could do too (aside from the breathing underwater thing). Chi machine is aerobic exerciser oxygenates, tones, strengthens the body, increases feelings of energy, aliveness and well being, stimulates lymphatic system, exercises and balances spine. Session is 30 minutes on your own


Icon Foot Detox - Detox

Move out the toxins to enjoy a healthier cleaner body. Chemicals, air, food to name a few is congesting our bodies and slowing down the function

of our organs.  Time to feel lighter and freer after an ionization in a foot bath. 

By Appointment Only.

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