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Updated: Jan 31

Greeting my friend,

Have you ever said, I can't believe this is happening to me again, how did this happen? Well, that was a worn out record in my life until I discovered a certain principle. If anyone ever told me long ago I apparently wasn't listening or it wasn't in a way that i could comprehend or I wasn't ready to hear it, or all of the above. That principal is I get what I "Think" about. When I sat and reflected in my life I went OH MY GOSH, I could see where I had rehearsed thoughts enough it came to be. Here is the trip up on this. We think we are saying what we want by saying what we don't really want with our words. Example: I want to lose weight where we could say I am fit trim and healthy. When you lose something the body is thinking it needs to find it, more weight. When we use the word weight we think of heavy. Example: I don't have enough money instead of money is in constant circulation flowing to me. I don't have enough you feel lack. In constant circulation, flowing to you is uplifting. See the difference. Practice thinking how the words you speak make you feel, if its not uplifting, think on how to reword to feel more at ease with freedom. Much love always and until the next time, Cindy

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