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Hello, my name is Cindy Cappel.

I have been in love with the holistic way of life since 1985 after decades of watching my immediate family suffer from the compiling of drug after drug from prescribed medication that affected their bodies in ways that eventually all ended in them passing on.

Early on I made a line in the sand mentally that for myself and my 3 young children that I would do whatever it took to understand this body as a whole, what did it need and how to care for it in ways that it gave us what we desired and that was a healthy life.

Long before it was popular I use to say you are what you "Think" and "Eat. " It all now come full circle and the media has caught up with the weird way of thinking from the 80's when those of us who used herbs, oils and all kinds of alternative therapies and remedies were considered anything but normal.

I can remember when I put the word holistic on my vehicle for advertisement and I got so much slack for that. It was so foreign that no one could really figure out if it spelled with H or W. Stick around long enough and you will see all things come to pass.

Now that I am not considered weird, not that I really cared but its easier to listen to me know.

What I want to share and catch you up with is my 3 1/2 decades of discovery and experience into the holistic world as I know it now.

I trust you will find it enlightening and worthy of your time if you are looking for a life that brings a smile to your face and warms your heart.

Much Love always,

Cindy Cappel

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