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Mentality Control

Greetings my dear friend,

I am honored you have taken your valuable time to stop in for a brief chat.

This one is on “ Mentality Control. “

What is that ? Learn to protect and control your mind. You with your mind have the power to do, be or have anything you want.

It truly starts in your marvelous mind. How exciting is that!!

Beware there are robbers and we will call them doubt, fear, insecurities that have been allowed inside your mind from outside sources that will draw you back from what you desire like a bungie cord. Ouch!

So what do we do? We know we want this but we feel so inadequate because of those thoughts/ feelings/emotions that trapped us on a fake mental merry-go-round. It’s fake because that is really not who you are, you have just exposed yourself long enough you think it is you.

Here is where learning to protect and control your mind, your mentality, comes into practice.

First recognize this is happening. Next, protect your mind by being very selective of what you’re listening to, reading, scrolling through, thoughts, people you’re around and so on.

If you have no choice but to be around whoever or whatever, then there is a technique used by a golfer I heard of when he’s playing to quiet the outside world to protect himself. He imagines a thick glass jar descending from the sky coming down completely covering him. Another I have heard is using a protective mental. Be creative it’s your protection.

Love your mind - love your life. It’s so worth taking extreme care of it. Your mentality is the source to your life and success! It’s through that, that you have have , be or do what you want. So it’s worth learning how to discipline and control it for a life, you, my dear friend, have and will continue to create!

Magic of your marvelous mind - enjoy being mindfully skilled with it.

Much love always,


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