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​Welcome to my world of caring for the body
in natural ways!

My Story… 
I started in 1985 looking at my health differently as my immediate family had dealt with lifelong weakness with 3 kidney transplants, heart surgery, cancer, liver disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, total rehabilitation of learning to walk, write, function again totally, hearing and sight loss… exhausting just to write it. You can only imagine how it influenced our family for YEARS!!! I was the only one of the family who wasn’t dealing with any of these illnesses but I lived in the same house and was affected emotional and mental with a helpless feel but only to support, care and love for them. They all eventually passed and that just left me. Why just me?
Looking back I see that I had acquired an attitude of no I am not going down that road and then having young children of my own by then I said no way their going down that road either so I have got to get to understanding the “Why” and “How” to good health.
Then my journey of now over 30 years began of searching and studying the how and why the body functions and reacts the way it does.  I became responsible for my health and then influenced my children’s path as well.
Another very interesting turn of all this, is that I have been focusing in the past years of studying the mind.  The body is the instrument of the mind. We all know if you fear something long enough it will come to pass and just the opposite if you focus on positive happy thankful thoughts the body will move you into better opportunities and its proven that the body responses and heals quicker when your thoughts are uplifting.  That is exactly what happened to me.. I fused only with the good I wanted with the health of my body. NOTE:  Does not mean things haven't happened  to me physically as they have, but since I had decided in my mind what I wanted I was able to push through the adversities and you can too)  I have shifted my mindset to harvest only  the positive positive thoughts, I reevaluate myself daily on how can I improve my thinking , my creativity, leave everyone with increase and value that I come contact with and life has forever changed for me.   

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Now it's your turn to explore and discover good health and happiness.

Inspired Action Steps

  • Be True to yourself. Love yourself

  • Care about how you feel.

  • Reach for good feeling thoughts.

  • Live in an appreciation mode.

  • Relax into your well-being.

  • Good feelings and positive thoughts create inspired actions, creating a fun life.

  • You are a vibrational being and you are sending signals out that are attracting back more of the same to you.

  • Contact me for your complimentary mind-body-spirit consultation.

Cindy's Two Favorite resources:


​I have been working with herbs and essential oils since 1985.
The First and Foremost requirement for me to use any product is QUALITY!   That is why I have trusted Nature's Sunshine for over 30 plus years now.  I feel blessed to have come across this company early in my ventures. Having consulted many people over the years with a variety of weaknesses in their bodies I had to have products that worked and Nature Sunshine has proven the quality over again and again.


Mother Earth Minerals offers truly unique and cutting-edge nutritional supplements.

Unlock the Wellness Secrets for Life with this down-to-earth and simple approach to supplements.

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