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​Mentoring Questionnaire 

Thank you for investing in yourself!
I believe I have proven techniques that can assist you to a better you.
WHY am I different than others?
Let me tell you that after 9 counselors in life with no sticking results I finally came across the awareness path of guaranteed results. Now, this comes with its own set of guidelines so don’t kid yourself. You will have to do the work, you will have to be willing to change, you will have to listen, you will no longer get to use any excuses if you are truly ready for a new you!! I promise you it will be SOOOO worth it!!
Everything in your life will benefit but it starts with you, my dear friend!
Both phone sessions or email require you to purchase the following if you don’t already have them.  You do not have to have read the books, just have them for reading and reference.

  1. The Journey of Brilliant Attitude

  2. My Brilliant Attitude Journal

  3. Thankfulness journal 

Plan:  After you purchase contact me by calling 314-486-4064 or emailing and we will set up your monthly schedule.
Phone Sessions - Consist of 4 weekly calls and if you need to talk in between you can purchase an additional one for a discounted fee of $40. Email contact or accountability might be included and the length of the calls will be tailored all to the individual needs.
*No charge for emails if required.
Email Sessions - Consist of 4 emails and reply’s weekly. If you feel the need for a phone call you can purchase for $40. 

​To get the most benefit, please fill out this questionnaire. 
​Answer the questions in as much detail as you feel you can. 

Please, complete the form.

Answer below with where you are “Now” and where you want to “Go” in the 3 categories (MIND - BODY/HEALTH - SPIRITUAL) or whichever one you choose to work on. 

Almost there...just one more question...


Thanks for submitting!

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Positive Results of happiness, health and wealth are waiting for you now!

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