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Be Encouraged - Be Uplifted
Reach Within

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Sending you Love, Light, and Life! 

Ready to connect to the true you?💞


Caution: This is Not who others think you are, or Not who you think others think you are! This is one of harmony, love, appreciation, and creation from within.


Join me as you reconnect to the true you and come fully alive with the empowerment that you always knew was there, it just got muted.


First, it’s important to realize that everything including you is energy and always on the move. With that in mind, we have something to create with.


Dr. Joe Dispenza states: Our thoughts are energy we send out and our feelings are magnetic that draws it back.


 Interesting isn’t it? You are a magnificent creator through thought!  


The more I study energy the more pieces of the mind–body–spirit connection

makes perfect sense. I believe it will be for you as you scroll through the pages to get out of the dark of “Why” are my health, relationships, and finances like this?  Trust me I totally understand that confusion and I am here to tell you, you don’t need to stay defeated.


Since every moment is new, you get to choose what you want to create from here.  You deserve it, let’s get going – check out my blog and health sessions to get you on the fast track!


 Be sure and sign up for a free life/health consultation and say hello to the true you💞



You're loved and appreciated and I desire that you feel it for yourself!

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Thankfulness Journal

Your Personal Attitude Lifter


Latest Testimony


The battle of "my mind and I has been an ongoing adventure! My hand-me-down anxiety and depression lead to some days being foggy and unproductive. As a mother and wife with a busy schedule, I have no room for days like this! In finding the right approach, I have taken the greatest leap into a holistic journey with Cindy's Holistic Circle! Mrs. Cindy Cappel is beyond knowledgeable in this field of practice, and she is guiding me in various POSITIVE ways! I was able to truly kick start my journey by receiving an electronic wave frequency treatment with her newest machine the Electro Equiscope. For the first time, in a long time, my mind was silent. Almost as if my brain was wiped clean, I felt lighter, more open, more refreshed, the clouds were gone, and I felt like I was hugged by a blanket of Zen. Without a doubt, I will be going back for more treatments with this amazing energy-corrector machine to continue on this healing journey. I recommend this to anyone! 


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