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Quotes & Affirmations

How to make affirmations come alive:

Attach an emotion to them and write in the present tense.
"I am so happy and thankful that now..."

Write down daily and more than once.
Put them up on your mirror, refrigerator, or in your car. Carry them in your wallet.

See it - Feel it - Allow it to flow to in, and through you.
Inhalation of essential oil before writing and saying affirmations will open energy and the passageway

of a communication connection to your brain.

Breathe in what serves you and release what does not.

Developing and maintaining a brilliant attitude and a peaceful mind brings order and allows you to think clearly, make good decisions, increase productivity and ​bring you joy that flows with inner confidence. 


Inspirational quotes have an incredible ability to motivate us

and change ​the way we feel about ourselves. 

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