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Let's look at our emotions

Updated: Apr 13, 2023


Emotions, gotta love them, right, as they are your indication on how your life is going. Good feeling emotions: all is well, not so good feeling ones: probably not having a good time. Keep in mind that emotions are not good or bad, they are simply your dash light indicator of an adjustment that needs to be made or not.

Let's say the engine light in your car comes on, you naturally pause and think: - Something is not functioning correctly so I need to look into it sooner than later. Why? Because this is how you get to where you want to go. So you take action! You don't get out and beat it up, you care for it and tend to it however is best, because you want a safe enjoyable travel. Oh, you might sigh a little, but you won't stay there long till you find a solution.

Let's look at our emotions in that same way.

Please note before we go on, emotions only last 90 seconds in the body, after that you get to choose whether they stay alive and active or not by your thoughts. Yes, that is correct, after 90 seconds it is you fueling it, the body could go on if you allow it to. Put it to the test!

So your dashboard emotions, feeling good, everything is running along life, smooth sailing until the emotion light comes on blinking red.

The next choice is super important for a good life.

Do you pause and do something to adjust it? OR you call your friend, put it on FB, write an email, fuss at the next person you see, - you get the picture - actually just making it worse. Next time try pausing and doing something about it instead of fueling it more.

Pause, breathe, drink a glass of water, look around and find the things you are in appreciation of. I know when things are not going well the last thing you want to hear is that there is something to be appreciative, thankful and grateful for.

Remember 90 seconds. You get to choose how long you stay in the uncomfortable emotion and the quickest way I have proven to myself is an appreciation list as it shifts perceptive. Soon when you do this you will start to feel better and you will be back traveling the good feeling emotional road.

Caution: Not always does someone want to feel better. WHAT!? - you might say, yes, some have lived in the UGHH life so long that it has become a habit and actually feels normal for them, even though they don't like it.

Shifting from the life I don't like to the life I love, takes a decision and discipline to train your mind to thinking more and more of what you do want instead of what you don't want. You can do this, my friend! Just start and be consistent, one step and thought at a time. When you slip off, just get back up like a child learning to walk. Just the determination going!

Warning: when you put your complaining, opinion, blah blah on FB, you are giving it more energy to come back to you than you ever want! Where you put your focus you go and where you go you will find more of that. Make sure when you post, text, email, think and talk it is something you want to come back in your life!

Much Love to you always,


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