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Emotions are energy that lead you

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Greetings my dear friend,

What I am about to speak about has the capability to change your life when you allow the words to resonate within!

Take note: Emotions are Energy in motion- Our bodies are an electrical system in constant movement internally. Your blood is running through 60,000 miles of vessels, your heart is pumping to beats, your organs filter , digest, eliminate, rejuvenate, your cells are moving around and so on. Your body is in constant movement which is sourced by energy.

Know: It’s running on a frequency, vibration of movement constantly.

This electrical charge is sourced by energy of our emotions. Happy- Good health and I mean sincere happy, not the fake till you make it because you more than likely won’t be able to fake it long enough.

I mean the happy that you are true to yourself, you have awareness you are responsible for you, no one else, but that means you in order to be happy with a good life you will need to do things. Such as be in relationships that serve you well instead of work you to make something work. Relationships are not to be work, think about it. Work till what, someone gives in or work till one is happy and one not. No pain no gain will get you ill health. Look around!

I have so experienced this so much in my life of all sort of relationships, personal, business, financial and yes we have a relationship with money, it’s energy is circulation as well.

So what’s the point here, Cindy?

The point is; the better you feel about yourself , the smoother and easier energy will flow providing you with all the benefits.

What benefits? Since your body is energy and emotions are energy in motion, doesn’t it make sense to have it going with free flowing ease instead of tension and stress that will slow and eventually block the energy! Humm

Yes Humm, your emotions are the seat to life- good and bad!

I have probably given you enough to chew on for now! My next blog I will give examples from my personal life to back up what I am saying. You might reflect and recognize it in your own life.

Let’s get on the good life trail- become aware- get honest with ourselves and love the life we are living ! It will change when we do.

Much love always,

Your friend Cindy

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