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Day Dreaming

Greetings friend,

Do you believe that day dreaming is only for children?

Most do as we adults feel we need to get on with life, the clock is ticking and no time for things that we don't see right in front of us to fix, change or alter in someway.

In fact all the things we see right in front of us was once someone's dream, thought, idea of something in the future.

The definition of "Dream" as a noun is cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal, a person or thing perceived as wonderful or perfect.

So taking some quiet time and dreaming using your marvelous imagination to see what you want, not what you have now, but what is it you want that is a wonderful and perfect idea for yourself.

Today pick an area, health, relationships, money, business, hobby etc and create a mini movie in your mind of it being wonderful and prefect.

Be sure and include, where you are, what your doing, the surroundings, even colors your wearing, emotions you are experiencing feeling as you watch this mini movie in your mind.

Have fun with this and roll em,

Much Love Always,


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