What the Coaching Can Do For You?

Self-Awareness Coach Cindy Cappel will guide you to a new awareness about yourself while you progress along this wonderful journey of life.
You'll discover the real you, and develop an understanding of why you have been getting the results you presently do. More importantly, you'll uncover the steps that will lead you to a higher level of awareness where your life will open up to increased happiness, peace, and joy!
Learn how to leave the past behind and create your wonderful new future! You are simply in a spot in time, and if you desire, you can change, grow, and flourish! New thoughts, new dreams, new love for yourself, new joy, new results await you.
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realize your worth

Love yourself first so that it’s easy to love others. 

Join me in February as I mentor you through my newest book -
Realize your Worth ♥️

These inspiring pages will connect you to who you really are! 
One of feeling worthy enough to be, do or have what you desire.


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Cindy’s 30-Day "Realize Your Worth" mentoring for only a dollar a day!
Allow Cindy to guide you to
a happier, healthier, fun, and loving you through her new book “Realize Your Worth” for 30 days.
Mentoring Includes: 
- Mindful video every Monday.
- Daily inspiring text.
- Email support for general questions and comments.

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A Message from Cindy Cappel


"​I am so relieved, happy, and grateful, to have finally come to a place where I know and can express what I want in my life and a clear plan for changes I need to make!
​It is through spending quiet time, reflecting on important questions asked of me, and digging down where it wasn't comfortable, to find the true answers and in fact relief. My ability to go down this journey was only possible due to my comfort level with Cindy. It allowed me to face and address my feelings and examine the root causes of my discomfort and find peace and clarity. I could share things I had never been able to open up to anyone else about. I'd held in and suffered from the torment of not dealing with feelings and wounds of the past. Now I am refreshed and have a vision and understanding of what I want and I am making a clear plan to move forward in a place of peace. I am very grateful to Cindy and her process and insight, and compassion."

"I have been BLESSED to be guided by Cindy Cappel...she has helped me see the self-worth that I hadn't been able to connect with.  Cindy has guided my thoughts as a train conductor would guide the engineer.. aligning the train cars so that positivity and love were brought back on track.  She has helped me see that there is no future in the past.. so the best place for me to be is seeking out joy, happiness, and all things that are satisfying to my inner being.  God is always with me...loving and protecting me...Cindy is only a phone call away.. I so look forward to calls each and every time we connect." D.F.

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